3:36 PM - Sunday November 17, 2019

Avast Antivirus Free Download

Avast Antivirus Free Download: Avast is most popular software to protect your computer from virus. This software is free and best for internet users because it can protect any viruses may be your are downloading from internet. This will alert you if you are opening or download any virus file. Avast antivirus is also protect your computer from spyware viruses. This edition is free of cost. Due to high demand or better result developers have developed its business version that you can buy from avast antivirus site. Avast antivirus also protect your computer from usb that have viruses, it will alert your when you plug usb in your computer port. Best scanning performance and virus detection features are including in it. It will alert you on viruses detecting. This antivirus is also user friendly, you no need any experience to use. Update daily to protect your computer from latest viruses.


  • Fast scan performance.
  • Fast viruses detected.
  • Web shield.
  • Anti spyware included.
  • User friendly.
  • Daily updating.
  • Protect from internet virus.

About Avast:

  • Version 7.0.1474
  • Size 92.98MB


Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Free Software
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