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What is Special About Eid

Eid is such a festival for which Muslims wait for long with excitement and zeal. All the people are too much excited, as people try to prepare themselves and their all accessories before the Eid. Eid is a name of sweetness and beauty. People embrace with one another on this day.

When it comes to the dressing, everyone tries to have the trendy dresses as a person of every age wants to look pretty and beautiful at its place.

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Girls and Ladies look for the branded and readymade dresses as they want to look better than others. Now-a-days, long shirts, long frocks, trousers, palazos, churri dar are in. as far as in the designing of the shirts buttons are in trend with front and back different prints and different embroideries and pleates designs are also in., Mostly, girls buy shirts and wear them with readymade trousers. Ladies go for the printed suits and they use different styles for suits. They buy matching accessories including bangles, and other jewelry.

Boys and Men, on the first day of Eid, prefer to wear Shalwar Qameez. Now-a-days, there have been many boutiques where shalwar qameez are available at reasonable prices. Some people go for make by their own by purchasing un-stitched suits. The trendy suits for boys and men includes designing through some contrasting patches, embroidery and pleates on shirts are also in,

As far as kids are concerned, they like to purchase dresses are per due to their choices. Mostly, mothers prefer buying readymade dresses for their kids on festivals. Kids wear pents shirts, shalwar suits, and other dresses. Small girls wear skirts, jeans, shirts, frocks, and other styles. Few mothers stitch the dresses for their kids at home and it satisfy their needs and wants accordingly.
Apart from dresses, the best part of the eid is mehndi. Girls and ladies apply mehndi on their hands and some also use it on feet. They go to beauty salons for this purpose or some do it by themselves and beautiful designs are being applied to hands.

Everyone gets Eidi from elders and it adds more fun to the festival, kids wait for eidi more than something else. 😀

Everyone enjoy Eid with happiness. We should try to spread happiness and smiles around us as well. ?

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