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Skype Shortcut Keys

How to Add Skype Shortcut Keys

As you know Skype is software that is using to video call to your friend that already using Skype. Skype is using not just video call you can send files, share screens and can also chat with your friends. There are allot of features in Skype, you can use shortcut keys to use the features. You need to active Skype shortcut keys before to use them, you can also change the Skype shortcut keys and can add keys that you want.

Skype shortcut keys will help you to less use of mouse, you direct can operate a function during chat without touch the mouse. You need to press your shortcut keys that you add. You can set shortcut keys to active call, disconnect call, call to a friend any many other functions. Keep in mind you need to active shortcut keys before you can use them.

Active Skype Shortcut Keys

Skype shortcut keys need activation from the Skype options. You can active Skype shortcut keys by going to Skype options. Or you can follow easy step if you want to learn step by step.

  • Open you skype software then click on Tools menu from menu bar, then select Options.


  • Now you will see complete Skype options, now click on Advance Tab then hotkeys from the left bar.


  • Now you will see shortkeys that already set on right side. You need to check radio button on the top to active the short keys.


  • After activation of Keyboard shortcuts you can use and also can edit them by click on shortcuts.

Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Tips & Tricks

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