11:52 AM - Friday April 20, 2018

Private Browsing in FireFox

How to Private Browsing in Firefox?

As you know Firefox is a browsing software that help your in browsing on internet. Most of the people are using Firefox due to its features like toolbar, menu bars, private browsing and allot of other features. Here I will tell you about Private browsing in Firefox. Private browsing mean you can browse like a new visitor on internet your old caches, history will be not included in private browsing. In private browsing you will be a new bie on internet. Private browsing will be helpful that are the web owners and interest in search engine optimization, because sometime due to cache problem you will see wrong ranking in Google then you need to use private browsing this feature will show you real ranking in Google. Anyhow you can use private browsing for many purpose as you want.

Start Private Browsing

After reading the purpose of private browsing now you need to learn how you can use it or how you can private browsing in Firefox.

  • First of all you need to open or run Firefox browser.
  • Now click on File tab from the menu bar then click on New Private Window.


  • Now you will see a new private window that will help you in private browsing.
  • Now just enter your web address in address bar and start your private browsing in Firefox.


Now you are browsing as private instead of existing user on internet. Now your old cache will not work in private browsing. Keep in mind Firefox will not remember any history like browsing history, downloading history and other history during private browsing.

Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Tips & Tricks

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