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Make a Free Website

How to Make a Free Website!

Now about every one want to create a website, because you can earn money with website and this is the simple way to share your content data and information with people that are using internet. There are allot of way to create a website for free, but these are subdomains like yourdomain.maindomain.com. If you want to buy your own .com .net or etc like this domain you need to pay the company that providing domain. But some people want to make a free website and they don’t know how they can make a free website. There are allot of way to create a free website like creating a blog, creating a subdomain site and create a website using free domain and hosting.

There is one most popular website that giving free domain with .tk tld. You can registered a free domain on that website you can registered free domain like yourdomain.tk, but keep in mind this domain just for one year. You need to pay after one year to .tk company or you need to registered with any other domain from .tk website. This is best way to make a free website for those people that are not known about how to make a website, its mean you can practice on free website and when you become web developer with your experience then you can buy your own .com or any other domain.

Make a Free Website:

Such as there are allot of way to create a free website, therefore you can chose any one that you think is best. I am going to share you some popular way to make a free website.

Make a Free Website Using WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a website that allowing his user to make a free website using subdomain like yourdomain.wordpress.com. Every company have some own features. WordPress.com is one best way to create a free website using subdomain, but you can edit or install theme from outsite the internet. Its mean you just install themes that are available in wordpress.


  • Easy to use
  • Free to use
  • SEO Friendly
  • Simple to Use
  • Users friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to post
  • Easy to upload
  • Easy to editing
  • Fast seo system
  • Most popular


  • No upload theme.
  • Active themes that available in wordpress website
  • No upload plugin
  • No edit theme.
  • No edit plugin.
  • No own color
  • No own codes.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of wordpress.com website. But I will advise to you use wordpress.com to make a free website, because in features if you will buy .com website you need to work on wordpress if you are not complete web developer.

Make a Free Website using Blogger:

Another easy and most popular way to create a free website is blogger. Blogger is script by Google.com the domains of blogger are blogger.com, blogspot.com. You can make a free website like yourdomain.blogspot.com. Most of the beginners are using blogger to make a free website.


  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly
  • Your own theme
  • Upload theme
  • Editing in blog
  • Edit theme
  • Edit style
  • Edit color
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy to customize


  • No plugins
  • No extra functions
  • Difficult to use widgets
  • Difficult to use extra features

As I say most of the beginner are using blogger to create a free website. If you like you can create a free website on blogger. You can convert your subdomain to main domain when you want by pay to Google.

Make website Using Free Hosting and Free Domain:

Other way to create a free website is use the free web hosting and free domain. As I say there is a company that providing a free domain of .tk TLD. You need to go to dot.tk and there you can registered you domain. Dot tk providing domain without registration and also with registration, I will advise you to registered first then get your .tk domain. Because in features if you want to buy your free domain to pay domain you should customize it from your account.

Get Free Hosting:

After getting free domain now you need to get free web hosting. There are allot of website that providing free hosting. But most popular and that I used is 000webhost. This website is providing free web hosting with name server. Just go to 000webhost and registered there after registering you will get your nameserver add that nameserver in dot.tk domain and start your work on website after waiting some time about one day. Because nameserver take 24hour to completely update.

Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Tips & Tricks

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