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Earn Online Money With Website Without Adsense

Earn Online Money With Website Without Adsense

Website owner are worried after making a website about how to earn money now with website? after disapproved from Google adsense. Google adsense is a company that created from Google that give you the ads to show on your website and get money when any user will click on that ads. Any how most of the website that have low level content disapproved by Google then website Owner worry about earn money with website, don’t worry there are allot of website like Google adsense that will give you ads to show on your website then you can earn money easily like a Google adsense, you can say there are allot of alternate Google adsense that can help you in earning with website. But Keep in mind they will not give you good earning percent like a Google adsense any how you can chose then if you have disapproved by Google adsense.

Anyone that have a website need to earn from their website. Google adsense alternate can help you and they are same like adsense that give you ads to show on your website. There are allot of alternate of Google adsense but its your duty to chose which is best one?, Don’t worry I will share you my experience which is best one.

Google Adsense Alternatives

As I said you need to use Google alternatives to earn with website without Google adsense. Here I am going to share a list of Top Google adsense alternatives that you can use.

1) Media.net

Media.net is a website that is using most after the Google adsense, this is also a publisher network that is under Yahoo control. You need to apply on yahoo publishers to get their account after getting review by them.

2) Chitika.com

Chitika.com is also using to earn money with website, because chitika is one another website that can help you earn money without adsense. Chitika will give you payout option in two ways one Paypal and second Cheque.

3) Splut.com

Splut.com website not i used but my friend told me that its is one another best site to get money with your website and my friends also have get payout from splut.com.

4) Adhitz.com

I used adhitz.com and also get pay after showing ads on website. It give you payout with paypal and alertpay. This allow you ads like adsense text and media ads.

5) Adbrite.com

I heard about adbrite.com that its also using to earn money from website, I used it but I not get interest in this. But may its useful for you, So use it to earn money without adsense.

These are Top 5 Adsense alternatives that can be use on website to earn money from website.

Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Tips & Tricks

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