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Read About DR Aafia Siddiqui

DR. AAFIA SIDDIQUI >> Daughter of Pakistan

Reading about a Pakistani lady, I got tears in my eyes. A lady who has given the punishment of imprisonment for about more than 85 years in America, and who have seen a second of a life, who knows whether she will see a sunlight after 85 years, and who knows she would be there after so many sufferings.

Hearing a name of such personality, many questions arises in mind and the worst part of it that we are speechless in this aspect just like our government.

“ A lady which is called the daughter of Pakistan, A mother who gave the sacrifice of her kids, A girl who survive in the most un-worthy conditions, A Muslim girl who faced all the in-humane behaviour, A ambitious person who wanted to see Pakistan becoming an Islamic state like Talibanization of Afghanistan, An educated and innocent girl, was the hot topic for gossip everywhere and now she is at death bed almost.”

Nobody could get to the unlimited number of cruelties she had suffered throughout. Here question arises,

How that simple girl reaches to Americans and for what reasons FBI wanted that lady?

Answer to this question, which comes in our mind the same which was picturized in front of us, including all that Al-Qaeda story. It is being said that the extremist people were calling her the “DAUGHTER OF THE NATION” and many people are against the lady. Actually true facts are known by few and many of the others keep on saying what they do believe. She was wanted by FBI as it was considered that Dr. Afia Siddique was not directly involved with the affairs of Al-Qaeda but it is being said at few places that she was their sympathizer and supporter. She caught with her kids. If her husband was also the part of the whole story then why FBI didn’t catch him?? It is a bigest question in my mind. As  per my perceptions, no body is aware of the true and whole story. Well, in my view point, in Pakistan, what we get to listen with loud voices is somehow false and mis-interpreted. While when I got to think about this issue, I read few articles by re-knowned people and I got confuse. I can’t say for sure whether that Pakistani lady had affiliations with Al-Qaeda or not and I guess no one else can. Any Pakistani writer, who writes on such issue will have many doubts as I do have. And if any book comes in front from Ammericans, that is worth-considering for few people.

Author: Areeba
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