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Delete Skype Conversation

Delete Skype Conversation

Skype is most popular software for video and audio chat, you can also text chat on skype with your friends. Sometime you share your important information to your friend with text chat after that you think to remove it from skype, don’t worry skype developer added this feature to Skype to delete skype conversation. You can delete all conversation of skype by removing history, keep in mind you can delete all conversation not just one friend conversation. So, be careful before deleting the skype history.

You can delete your message during chatting with friend on skype in just one mint after passing one mint you can’t delete that message after that you need to delete all conversation.

How to Delete Skype Conversation?

You must be login to your skype account using skype free download version. After that follow my given steps to delete your skype conversation or history.

  • Open your skype and click on tools then options.


  • Now you will be in complete skype setup, go to IM&SMS setting by click on IM & SMS from the left side.


  • Now you will see complete conversation setting, here you can delete skype conversation by removing skype history.
  • Select days of histories that you want to remove then click on Clear History button and save.


After the following the above step your complete conversation and history will remove from all contacts.

Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Tips & Tricks

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