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Change Firefox Download Location

How to Change Firefox Download Location

As you know Firefox is one of leading browser on internet that is using million of users that are connect with world on internet. Firefox is most famous due to latest features of its. You can download files from internet or downloading website using Firefox. You don’t need any software to download any file from internet or any website. Firefox developer has added download option in it or you can say Firefox have downloading features. All files that you download from the internet using Firefox will be saved in default folder that is in documents>downloads folder. As you know to save files in C drive is risky, because if by chance your windows has been corrupt then you need to install new window and you know all files that is in C drive will be removed after new installation of window. So, you must move the files from the C drive and Documents folder is also part of C drive. You should change the location of Firefox download then files will be automatic save to other drive. Now you need to learn how to change firefox download location? don’t worry just follow my some simple steps to change the location of your firefox downloads.

Change the Location:

You need to run your Firefox browser the change Firefox download location

  • After running Firefox click on Tools menu from the menu bar and then click on Options.


  • Here you will see complete Firefox options. Now to give new location of you every download click on browse button, give the path or folder that you want to make download folder then click on OK button.


  • If you want to ask location on every download then check radio button front of “Ask me where to save files“. and click on Ok.


  • After last setup you will ask for download location on every download of file.


Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Tips & Tricks

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