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Block or Unblock Facebook Friends

Block or Unblock Facebook Friends

As you know Facebook huge social networking website and now Facebook is on 3 ranking of top 10 website of world. Facebook is place where you can meet to new friends can send them request and share your comments, pictures and much more. Now Facebook have become the important part of any user that connected with internet,  because Facebook is place to share your feelings with friends and world. So, Facebook developers want to make more secured and easy for Facebook users. Where Facebook is using for sharing status, images there some people using it for advertisement of website, business and illegal content. You don’t need to worry about it because Facebook developers have great security for it of you can block any Facebook friends or any can unblock friends. Yes you can block any friends or request that you don’t want to accept and any friends that misbehave with you or you have not interesting after talking with it then you can block that friends after blocking that friend can’t send you messages and cannot see your activities.

Block Facebook Friends

Facebook developers have options to block your Facebook friends using their email and username. Its mean you can block Facebook friends using their email and username. Follow the given steps to block Facebook friends.

  • You can block Facebook friends from privacy setting, So you need to go Facebook privacy setting by click on right top setting button.


  • Now you need to click on blocking button from the left sidebar on your opened page.


  • Now here you have option to block or unblock Facebook friends easily. Now enter email or username in the block box then click on Block button.


block user

  • After clicking block button that user will block and will add in block list that shown below.

Unblock Facebook Friends

Some time you blocked friends in rude, but after some time you want to unblock blocked friends on Facebook. So you need to follow these steps to unblock Facebook friends.

  • Blocking and blocking friends are on same page. Where you have blocked friends there you will see the list of blocked friends just click on unblock link to unblock the blocked friends.


  • After now you need just one step more, you will asked for conformation the unblocking user. Now click on Conform button that will be on new dialog box.


  • You have unblocked that user after clicking the confirm button. Now that user can send messages, see your activities on Facebook.

Note: Keep in mind you can again re-block that user after 48hours not immediately.

Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Tips & Tricks

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