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Block and Unblock Skype Contact

Block and Unblock Skype Friends

Skype is most popular software for voice and video calling. So, Skype developers daily want to add new and latest features that can help of Skype users. If you are using Skype you should know about this feature and how you can apply this on your Skype account. Lets spose someone abuse you on Skype and disturbing you, now you need to block that person, therefore Skype developers added blocking feature in Skype. Now you need to learn how to Block skype friends and contacts. After again friendship with that user you need now to unblock that friend any how Skype developers added both features. You can block skype contacts and also can unblock skype contacts easily.

Block Skype Contacts

As I said you can block skype contacts easily now time to learn how you can do it. You need to login to your Skype account using Skype software.

  • First login to your Skype account.
  • Now right click on contact that you want to block and then click on Block this user.


  • Now you will see a new dialog box that will ask you some questions.
  • Now select as you want. If you want to remove that person from your contact list also then click on Remove from your Contact list, and if you want to also as report abuse you can also click on that option and then click on block button.


  • After clicking on block user you will see red icon on that contact.
  • Now that user can’t contact with you not call with you and not chat with you.

Unblock Skype Contact

Above tip you learn about how you can block skype contacts, and now you are going to learn how you can also unblock skype contact. There all about 2 or 3 options to unblock skype contacts. You can chose as you want.

  • If you just block skpye contact not removed from contact list, then just right click on that user and then click on unblock this person.


  • Now if you also removed blocked person from your contact list you need to follow the more steps.
  • Now click on tools menu bar then click on Options.


  • Now you will enter in Skype options. Click on Privacy and then click on Blocked Persons from left menu bar.


  • Now you will see complete list of blocked contacts, now you need to click on contact name that you want to unblock and then click on unblock button from the right side. Here I am going to unblock fadeeraja contact from block list.


  • After clicking Unblock this person button that contact will remove from blocked list. You can again block that person by following the above steps.

I have shared both tricks block skype contacts and unblock skype contacts. You can block any user that misbehave with you or abuse you or any other reason. You can also block that person which is not added in your contact list. When anyone send friend request, you can block on that step if you don’t like that person.

Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Tips & Tricks

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