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Add Privacy to Facebook Account

Add Privacy to Facebook Account:

Facebook is huge social networking site and millions of billions people are connected with it and using it to make new friend or share your feelings and comments with world or friends. Facebook allow you to add complete profile data like, date of birth, cell number and other more information. In other Facebook also allow you to great feature called privacy, you can add privacy on your friends, pictures, posting, information without any other extra charges. You can save or hide your important information, friends from the world. You can allow just friend to see your complete information and profile. Facebook privacy allow you save your profile information from the strangers, you can also add nofollow system to search engines. Its mean your Facebook timeline link will not show in search engines like Google.com, Yahoo and others. Facebook privacy also allow you to just show your profile information like, your number, your email and other important information to your friends only.

Facebook privacy also can secured your timeline from spamming, because you can set who can post on your timeline by add privacy to Facebook account. If you have set it on just friend then no strangers and unfriends can post on your timeline, it will be helpful to save your timeline from spamming so, you should must set timeline posting just to friend, anyhow by default Facebook set it to just friends but if not set then add it manually easily.

You can also add setting that just your friends can see your posting or comments and tagging of your not friends of the friends. Its mean if you set friend of friends and you have tagged or liked any comment or photo then that photo or comment will show to your friends and the friends of friends. Any how I will say the Facebook privacy system is great feature that help you to secure your information and stop spamming from spammers. Now you need to learn how to add privacy to Facebook account, follow the given steps that will help you to how add privacy in Facebook account.

How to Add Privacy to Your Facebook Account

Here you are going to add privacy to your Facebook account. So, you will need to log in to Facebook account then follow the given steps.

  • After logging to your Facebook account then click on setting icon and then Privacy setting.


  • Now you will see complete setting of Facebook account, there are three pages that allow you completely secure your Facebook information and profile. Now you can set any privacy as you want.
  • In first page you can add privacy to your Posting, and your account information like mobile number and emails.


  • Now you can open second page from your left sidebar, where you can set timeline and tags setting.


  • After clicking timeline and tagging setting you can here can add privacy on your timeline and tags. Just edit any option and set it as you want.


  • Now there is third page that allow you to setting of blocking system, in third page you can block or unblock friends that spamming or abusing on your timeline.

Author: Asif Mushtaq
Category: Tips & Tricks

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