1:42 PM - Sunday July 23, 2017

CafeLand Online Game

About this Game:

Cafe land online game is so nice game for girls they can play it easily by reading some introduction. In this game you will be server food to your customers that will be come in your cafe. You need to make best food for your customer you can use your mouse to pickup related thing that you want. A girl is in this game that will server food or other things that you make. First of all this game will take some time to load, after loading game click on continue to cafe button that will be on the right corner of bottom. This game is also best for cafe owners because they can get some knowledge about from it. If you like please share this game with other by using our social networking buttons. Thanks for coming have a fun with this game. If you have any problem or any complain feel free contact us.

Category: Online Games
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